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Reviews by Author Name

Accardo, Jus - A Darker Past (ARC)
Acosta, Marta - Dark Companion (ARC)
Allyn, Anya - Dollhouse
Amo, Thomas - An Apple For Zoe  (Indie)
Anderson, RJ - Ultraviolet (ARC) and Quicksilver (ARC)
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn - Every Other Day (ARC), Nobody (ARC)
Barneveld, Vanessa - This Is Your Afterlife (ARC)
Bennett, Cindy C. - Geek Girl (ARC) (tour stop)
Benway, Robin - Going Rogue (ARC)
Bick, Ilsa J. - Shadows (ARC), Monsters (ARC)
Blade, Veronica - Something Witchy This Way Comes (Indie), A Bite's Tale (Indie), My Wolf's Bane (Indie)
Blumenthal, Deborah - The Lifeguard (ARC)
Blythe, Augusta - Winterborne and Ravenstoke (Indie)
Brown, Anne Greenwood - Lies Beneath (ARC)
Bruce, Alison - The Calling (ARC)
Carter, Aimee - The Goddess Test (ARC), Pawn (ARC)
Chapman, Elsie - Divided (ARC)
Cho, Ciye - Florence (Indie) and Luminaire (ARC)(Indie)
Cole, Courtney - Before We Fall (ARC)
Cuono, Ceysa MaRae - Elemental Reality (Indie)
Danley, Kate - The Woodcutter (Indie)
Dark, Juliet - The Demon Lover (ARC)
Darlington, Sarah - He Belongs With Me (Indie)
Darnell, Melissa - Crave (ARC), Covet (ARC), Consume (ARC)
Derting, Kimberly - The Taking (ARC)
Despain, Bree - The Shadow Prince (ARC)
DeStafano, Lauren - Wither
Driza, Debra - Renegade (ARC)
Eaton, Jillian - Pitch (Indie)
Elston, Ashley - The Rules for Disappearing (ARC), The Rules for Breaking (ARC)
Estep, Jennifer - Dark Frost (ARC), Crimson Frost (ARC), Spartan Frost (ARC), Midnight Frost (ARC), Killer Frost (ARC)
Eulberg, Elizabeth - Prom and Prejudice
Ford, Michael - The Poisoned House (ARC)
Forrest, Bella - A Shade of Vampire (Indie)
Frances, Jaye - The Possibilities of Amy (Indie)
Frederick, Jen - Unspoken (ARC)
Frost, Heather - Seers (ARC), Demons (ARC)
Garcia, Kami - Unbreakable (ARC), Unmarked (ARC)
Gilman, Sarah - Out in Blue (ARC)
Grover Swank, Denise - Here (Indie)
Habel, Lia - Dearly Departed (ARC)
Harbison, Paige - New Girl (ARC)
Harrell, Jessie - Destined (Indie)
Harrington, Hannah - Saving June (ARC)
Harvey, Alyxandra - A Breath of Frost (ARC), Whisper the Dead (ARC)
Hawkins, Rachel - School Spirits (ARC)
Heiter, Elizabeth - Vanished (ARC)(coming Jan. 7th)
Howard, A. G. - Splintered (ARC), Unhinged (ARC)
Howard, Amalie - Bloodspell (Indie)
Hubbard, Mandy - Ripple
James, Ellie - Shattered Dreams (ARC)
Jayne, Hannah - The Dare (ARC)
Kagawa, Julie - The Immortal Rules (ARC, The Iron Knight (ARC), The Lost Prince (ARC), The Eternity Cure (ARC), The Iron Traitor (ARC), The Forever Song (ARC)
Kaufman, Amie and Meagan Spooner - These Broken Stars (ARC), This Shattered World (ARC)(coming Dec. 22nd)
Kuper, Tonya - Anomaly (ARC)
Launier, Veronique - Redemption (ARC)
Laurence, Andrea - Facing the Music (ARC)
Laurie, Victoria - When (ARC)(coming Jan 12th)
Lawrence, Theo - Mystic City (ARC)
Lemon, Melissa - Cinder and Ella (ARC), Snow Whyte and the Queen of Mayhem (ARC)
Lewis, Jon S. - Alienation (ARC)
Lewis, R.C. - Stitching Snow (ARC)
Libsack, Kelly - Preordained and Predestined, Thunderstruck (ARC)(Indie)
Marks, Daniel - Velveteen (ARC)
Martinez, Peggy - Contingency (Indie)
McAdams, Molly - Taking Chances (Indie)
McCarthy, Erin - Sweet (ARC)
McClellan, Rachel - Fractured Light (ARC), Fractured Soul (ARC)(tour stop), Fractured Truth (ARC)(tour stop)
McEntrie, Myra - Infinityglass (ARC)
McGarry, Katie - Pushing the Limits (ARC), Dare You To (ARC)
McKay, Kirsty - Undead (ARC), Unfed (ARC)
Merle, Claire - The Glimpse (ARC)
Meyers, J. - Anywhere (ARC)(Indie)
Miller, Leah Rae - The Summer I Became a Nerd (ARC)
Miranda, Megan - Fracture (ARC), Vengeance (ARC)
Morrill, Lauren - Being Sloan Jacobs (ARC)
Mullin, Mike - Ashfall (ARC) and Ashen Winter (ARC), Sunrise (ARC)
Murphy, Julie - Side Effects May Vary (ARC)
Pandos, Brenda - Glitch (Indie)
Papademetriou, Lisa - Fury's Fire (ARC)
Peacock, Kathleen - Hemlock (ARC)(tour stop)
Pennington, Michelle - Candid (Indie)
Purdy, Alexia - Reign of Blood (Indie),
Redmerski, J.A. - The Mayfair Moon and Kindred (ARC)(Indie)
Reichs, Kathy - Bones Never Lie
Revis, Beth - The Body Electric (ARC)
Riggs, Ransom - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Rogers, Rebecca A. - Silver Moon and Interview, Under the Stars (ARC),
     Last Summer (ARC)(Indie)
Rosati, Gina - Auracle (ARC)
Rought, AE - Broken (ARC)
Rourke, Stacey - Crane
Sanghani, Radhika - Virgin (ARC)
Scheidt, Erica Lorraine - Uses For Boys (ARC)
Sharper, Constance - Airborne and Character Post (Indie)
Shultz, Cara Lynn - Spellbound (ARC) and Spellcaster (ARC), The Dark World (ARC)
Skiba, Camelia Miron - Hidden Heart (Indie)
Skovron, Jon - Misfit (ARC)
Sorrensen, Jessica - Ember (Indie)
Sowles, Joann I. Martin - Laney and Darkness (Indie)
Strauss, Elle - Clockwise, Clockwiser, Like Clockwork (Indie)
Taylor, Keary - What I Didn't Say (ARC)(Indie), The Bane (ARC)(Indie)
Thomas, Rob - Mr. Kiss and Tell (ARC)(coming January 22, 2015)
Van Dyken, Rachel - Elite (ARC), Elect (ARC)
Wicks, Becky - Before He Was Famous (Indie), Before He Was Gone (ARC)(Indie)
Wiebe, Joanna - The Unseemly Education of Anne Merchant (ARC), The Wicked Awakening of Anne Merchant (ARC)(coming Jan. 19th)
Williamson, Jill - Replication - The Jason Experiment (ARC), Captives - The Safe Lands (ARC)
Winnacker, Suzanne - The Weepers: The Other Life (ARC), Imposters (ARC)
YellowBella - Dusty
Zadoff, Allen - I Am The Weapon

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