Monday, January 25, 2016

Stardust (Of Dust & Darkness #2) : Synopsis and Release Week Sign-Ups

I know, I know. This has been a long time coming. I'm sorry it took so long to get this out and I promise you won't have to wait that long for the final book. As soon as I'm done writing Nearly Undone, I'm going straight to Ashes & Dust so I can have both of these trilogies wrapped up. Below is the synopsis, and if you're interested in participating in the Release Week Giveaway, sign up here.

Releasing February 15, 2016

He took my wings, my freedom. Degraded me in every way possible. Deep inside me a fire burns, awaiting the day I get to return the favor. Break. By break. By break.

Wrongfully imprisoned and brutally savaged by the warden of a secret slave camp, Rosalie craves vengeance. She may have been the only pixie to escape the compound, but she’s anything but safe. Alone in the forest, grounded with broken wings, her journey to find help is long and perilous. And Jack is nowhere to be seen. Forced to stray off their agreed upon path, Rosalie feels more lost in the dark than ever. Home is but a dream, and when she learns things are not as they seem, even those closest cannot be trusted. The rules of the game are changing, desperation is winning out. And unfortunately for Rosalie, she finds herself on the verge of losing a lot more than love and cherished wings.

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