Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Calling by Alison Bruce (ARC)

The Calling
Alison Bruce
Publication: August 16, 2011

Synopsis: Kaye Whiting went to buy a birthday present and didn't come back. When DC Goodhew hears the recording of the mysterious call made to the station, informing them that Kaye is still alive and that a man named Peter Walsh is responsbile, he knows it's more than a prank call. Why does Mr. Walsh not seem surprised to see Goodhew at his doorstep, and who is the woman who goes to the same diner every day, just so she can watch Mr. Walsh walk out of his building with his new lover?

So this won't be my typical review, as it took me more than four months to actually finish this novel. It's not that The Calling wasn't a good story, it just didn't draw me in as much as I would've liked. I had no problem putting it aside to read about ten other books that did seem to draw me in more.  There were a ton of characters in this novel, all of which had their own point of views (POVs). Normally, I don't mind numerous POVs, but there really wasn't any segregation to tell you it had changed. You would read twenty paragraphs for one person, then suddenly two paragraphs would go to another and then it would revert back to the original character. There were times I had to go back and reread because I didn't quite realize it had switched and I was left wondering, "Wait. How'd he know that?"

As for the story, the plot was interesting enough but I trully never felt connected to any of the characters, and I really didn't care about what happened to them whether they were murdered, trying to commit suicide, a detective investigating the situation, or some other randomly chosen character. Maybe this was because there were so many, but I didn't seem too interested in the character that got the most face time either. But The Calling was by no means a bad novel. The writing style was clean and the mystery about the serial killer was well thought out. Ms. Bruce is a likeable author and I may try my hand at another one of her novels in the future.
ARC won on GoodReads First Read Program.

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