Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dusty by YellowBella


She loves him. He loves her crazy.
She's a hopeless romantic. He's just hopeless.
She's afraid to let go. He won't let her.
A story about a silly girl in love with a foolish boy.
Here, forever is a lie.  

***This is one post I will not be censoring my language. If expletives offend you, then back the fuck off.***

Four little letters that will fuck your life over ten ways on Sunday. Love is gentle. Love is steel. Sweet and airy like cotton candy. As piercing as bleach down a raw throat. Love is a little girl's eyes, brighter than a sparkler on the fourth of July. Love is consuming. Awe-inducing. A fucking Band-aid ripped cruelly from a fresh gash.
Love is warmth. Ecstasy. So fucking intense you seethe.
Love is everything.
Love is need.
Love is me.

Love just is, and never followed with but.
Love is a twelve year old girl. Innocent. Na├»ve. Falling for her best friend's brother. Love is a boy. Tainted. Lost. Falling for his sister's best friend. Love is an addiction. Mistrust. Misguided. Forced to fucking repeat the same damn mistakes over and over again. Love is a heart that just won't die. Love is raw. Blissful. Smooth cherry lip balm on a hot summer's day. The bluest fucking star in the universe. Love is a black hole. Love is the biggest fucking train wreck I've ever seen. Hopeless. Helpless.

Love does more than kill you softly. Love crucifies. Knows you can't walk away. Drowns you just to save you. Scars your lungs so you can never truly breathe again.

Fuck love. Love can go straight to hell.
Love is a novel that is seriously 2,000 goddamn pages that steals your day, makes you her bitch at night. Love leaves you empty once it's gone, begging for 3,000 more. Naked. Fucking shattered. Pleading to be embraced no matter the pain. Stranglehold. Love is starving for air. Sweet suffocation. Arsenic ripping through your fucking veins.
Love swells with passion. Bleeds you dry. Drains you to the brink of stinkin' death.
Love is Bliss baby, baby. Love is Dusty. Love is collective casualty.
Love is 4.5 dreamcatchers. Love is bending. Forgiving. Love is giving the extra half star.
Dusty is not a published novel, but available for free online reading. A few people in this world, like myself, have a pdf copy, but it is not mine to give. If you prefer pdf, email me and I'll guide you to the yellow brick road.
Note: This is Twilight fan fiction. Other than the screwed up, crazy love, and the use of a few character names and a total lack of parenting, this is not Twilight. Certainly not sparkly-vampire-werewolf paranormal. So if you read this, and I highly recommend that you do, leave all your goddamn expectations at the door, ignore the slight discrepancies if you catch them, push through the first hundred pages as you ease into the writing style and a girl slowly growing up, and let motherfucking love shred you to pieces.
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Carolina said...

OOhhh you right... after reading it... I'm in pieces!! I'm feeling like... *sigh* ='(