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Ember by Jessica Sorrensen

Ember (Death Collectors #1)
Jessica Sorrensen
Pub.: August 29, 2012

Ember (Death Collectors, #1)What if you knew when someone was going to die?

For seventeen-year-old Ember, life is death. With a simple touch, she knows when someone will die. It’s her curse and the reason she secludes herself from the world. The only person who knows her secret is her best friend Raven.

Then she meets Asher Morgan. He’s gorgeous, mysterious, and is the only person Ember can't sense death from. So when he pushes into her life, she doesn’t mind.

But when unexplained deaths start to haunt her town, Ember starts questioning why she can’t sense Asher's death and what he may be hiding.

Haunted by death with just the slightest touch, it's no wonder poor Ember's become quite the recluse.

Haunted with the ability to see one's death by simply touching their skin, Ember's learned to minimize contact through the years, but Lord help her when she finds herself in a crowd and unable to do so. Seeing flashes of her friend's and family's demise still makes her cringe, let alone anyone else that accidentally bumps into her. And it doesn't help that the Grim Reaper that used to be her "imaginary friend" in childhood has made a sudden reappearance in her life the same time two strange boys join the neighborhood. One shows no death at all, the other, flashes a plethora of deaths nonstop.
And because her condition is so weird, Ember's only ever told her best friend Raven about her ability, and figured there was no way to cheat death, so why bother telling people about their fatal day? Until the day she experienced her own death just as forseen, but lived to question herself. Raven also surprisingly survived the night and it's clear she's keeping secrets about what really happened. With two new boys in town suddenly interested in wooing Ember, her best friend's new erradic behavior, her home life falling deeper into despair and a Grim Reaper stalking her and whispering in her ear to end the lives of others, Ember's about ready to lose her mind. And if she doesn't figure the way out of the web of lies entrapping her, it's possible she could lose a lot more than that.
Ember was a pretty cool read, and this was the first novel I've read by Jessica Sorrensen. I don't wanna give away too much about what's really going on, but I loved the way the different collectors of death were weaved into the story. Sorta like the new angel - fallen angel - nephilum debacle. I figured out the end pretty early on, and I was really hoping to be thrown for a loop by the roles of the good guy vs. the bad guy being reversed...I'll let you read to find out if they were. <evil grin>

I do wish Ember would've figured it all out a little quicker than she did. She aggressively researched the Angels of Death and Grim Reapers, learning how they were the collectors of good and evil souls. All her life she could touch someone and see their death, but she hardly flinched when one new guy had a thousand deaths and the other had none at all. She brushed it off thinking her sight was all wonky. It just felt 'off' that she didn't even consider the possibility that the newcomer wore the deaths of thousands cause he collected them. Instead of Ember playing the fool in that aspect, I would've liked to have seen her figure it out ahead of time and call them out on it, instead of falling prey to their antics. Regardless, I still really liked Ember and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the next installment of the Death Collectors.
Novel provided by author for honest review.
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