Sunday, January 16, 2011

Alone and Dead on Valentine's Day...Figures

FINALLY! It's been 9 months since my little man was born and 18 months since I had a decent freaky dream. So I'm gonna keep this short...mostly because I have to. My dream may be on the mark but my ability to retain it is a little out of shape.

I was in love. Love, love LOVE with this supernatural being who looked a lot like Stefan Salvetore (kudos to the brain for that lovely imprint!) A group of us were escaping danger by pressing our bodies into a portal. But suddenly I was alone. I had no cell phone, no wallet, no love. I spent God knows how long searching for him. When I finally did find him I realized that my body actually did make it through the portal, but my non-supernatural self died the moment I touched it. It was my ghost that had been left behind to roam around. And it was my ghost that was completely unseen by my supernatural honey.

Love bites.

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