Review Policy

October 16, 2014
Review requests are currently open.

I'm happy to accept books from authors and publishers alike - Indie Authors are welcome here too. I will accept books in both print format (ARCs, galleys, etc.) or digital format (MOBI, EPUB or PDF). I will also accept a gifted kindle copy through Amazon.

My reading tastes have changed as of late. Where I used to mostly prefer Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Dystopian, Mystery/Thriller and Historical and Contemporary/Paranormal Romance, lately I've been on a Romance binge. Beginning Summer 2013, the Crazy Dream blog will be transitioning to a site that mostly reviews New Adult books, with a select group of YA books that still intrigue me. I'm not the best choice for Non-Fiction books, memoires, autobiographies, etc. For a better idea of my tastes, check out my bookshelves on GoodReads or my author archive of reviews.

All reviews are strickly my opinion of the work - whether or not I like the story, pace and plot progression, character development and my overall happiness with what I've read. While I cannot promise a positive review for every book, I will be fair with my analysis and keep spoilers to a minimum.

Reviews are posted here on this blog, GoodReads, Amazon US and sometimes the publisher's website. If you need a review to be placed somewhere specific, please let me know during the submission process. I'll always have a few ARCs in the stack so if you need a specific deadline, please let me know ahead of time.

If you're interested in submitting your work for a possible review, please send me an email at devonashleywritesATyahooDOTcom. Unfortunately I don't have time to answer every request, so if you haven't heard back from me within 3 days I'm probably not the best person to review your book.

To see what I like and don't like in a proposal, check out the post Gah! Proposal Etiquette People!.

Kind Regards,
Devon Ashley

ARC reviews will begin on this website in May 2011.