Sunday, June 3, 2012

Clockwise by Elle Strauss

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Elle Strauss

Synopsis: Casey Donovan has issues: hair, height and uncontrollable trips to the 19th century! And now this—she’s accidentally taken Nate Mackenzie, the cutest boy in the school, back in time. Awkward.

Protocol pressures her to tell their 1860 hosts that he is her brother and when Casey finds she has a handsome, wealthy (and unwanted) suitor, something changes in Nate. Are those romantic sparks or is it just “brotherly” protectiveness?

When they return to the present, things go back to the way they were before: Casey parked on the bottom of the rung of the social ladder and Nate perched high on the very the top. Except this time her heart is broken. Plus, her best friend is mad, her parents are split up, and her younger brother gets escorted home by the police. The only thing that could make life worse is if, by some strange twist of fate, she took Nate back to the past again.

Which of course, she does.

OMG! This was absolutely ADORABLE! Casey Donovan has been taking trips back to the past since she was nine. Sometimes she's there for a few hours, sometimes a few days, but she always returns to the present the exact moment she left. Once she accidentally took her best friend Luce to the future and realized simply touching someone's skin drags them along with her. So she's made it her mission in life not to touch people. Unfortunately that goes out the window when hottie Nate asks her to dance and BAM! - they both travel to the past.

Nate thinks it's all a joke she and his friends are playing, but after a few hours he begins to realize Casey's not joking. She's forced to take him to the Watson homestead where she works for room and board everytime she jumps - and passes him off as her brother. Being the 1800's, they wouldn't be allowed to be alone together if they were anything but siblings, and Casey needs him close so she can grab him when it's time to go back to the present.

As the days go by, Casey and Nate get to know each other...and develop a little interest for one another. Of course it doesn't hurt that a local wealthy man has set his eyes on Casey and wants to marry her, so keeping Casey within arm's reach becomes even more enticing for the jealous Nate. There is a little drama in the novel I won't spoil that involves a few more characters, but it's the romance that really makes this book shine. I started Clockwise one evening and stayed up till two in the morning to finish, so yeah...it's definitely worth checking out!

Novel provided by author for honest review.

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