Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thunderstruck by Kelly Libsack (ARC)

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Kelly Libsack
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Star quarterback with a full-ride to the University of Nebraska; owner of a cherry 1967 Camaro SS; and not bad looking to boot, are all things that should have helped eighteen-year-old Shane Krivich land a girlfriend, or at least squash his virginity. An anxiety monster he refers to as ‘Tsar,’ who wraps its constricting tentacles if he even thinks of touching a girl, and a best friend named Cam, that will not only sleep with anything with breasts, but try to sway any girl’s eye from Shane—it’s obvious why he hasn’t.

Most teenage boys would have snapped from all the years of pent up sexual oppression. Shane’s tried not to, but…when he starts hearing a voice in his head and losing moments of time, he believes he’s close, and that either a split personality is scratching to get through, or, his intrusive anxiety disorder has gained enough momentum to finally take him over, altering who he is and what he does….

When Shane wins an elusive trip for two to the Ol’ British Isle to visit Stonehenge, he takes his best friend and they embark on their first—and what may be their last—great adventure. While abroad, Shane meets two intriguing young women: Autumn, a beautiful, flight attendant; and Kellen, a mystifying physician’s assistant with whom he feels an eerie connection. In the ancient lure of England, not only may he finally get to know the true touch of a young woman, but possibly the sinister explanation of why his blackouts have increased and who the mysterious voice is that persists in his head. Is it psychological, or is there some type of ancient evil at play?

At the possibility of either, Shane is…THUNDERSTRUCK.

Eighteen years old and freshly graduated senior. Just won an all expenses paid trip to England. The opposite sex seemingly attached to your hips. Best road trip ever...except for the part where you're being taken over by an evil ancient spirit.
Shane had the life - successful high school quarterback about to start college with an athletic scholarship. Good-looking kid. Happy home life. Good friends. Sexually frustrated...I know, I know. Typical teenage guy, right?  Except it's not his inner conscience keeping him in line, but a secondary entity within that won't even let the guy even think of stepping out of line. He's learned to deal with the nagging over the years, but when he wins a trip to England, the entity begins doing more than just making him queasy. He's becoming aggressive, and when Shane begins blacking out, he awakes to learn he's done a few things he shouldn't have, things he has no memory of ever doing.

But the worst part of all is that this all expenses paid road trip really wasn't luck, but a trap to bring him near Stonehenge at a pivotal point in time. Little does he know, Shane plays a vital role in the awakening of a dark spirit long lost, and that his new romantic interest must play a deadly part as well.

Thunderstruck is definitely Kelly Libsack's best work to date. :) I've read the Preordained novels, and while good, Thunderstruck really pulled me in. Maybe it's because I have a soft spot for second entities since one of my Immortal Archive characters has that...lol. I loved the inclusion of Stonehenge and the way it was woven into the story. Pick this one up. I think you're gonna really enjoy it.

Note: This is sorta New Adult. The characters are the right age, but what sexual content there is is just referred to since Shane doesn't remember anything. You know it happened, but there aren't any real details. I think anyone 16 and up would be fine with reading Thunderstruck.

ARC provided by author for honest review.

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Kelly said...

Thank you for the arc review Devon, for helping readers learn of my novel 'Thunderstruck'and for hosting the HUGE September Madness Giveaway. As usual, You Rock!