Thursday, September 25, 2014

Before He Was Gone (Starstruck #2)
Becky Wicks
Pub.: August 25, 2014

Before He Was Gone (Starstruck, #2)Sometimes, you have to get lost to find yourself...

When her rock star boyfriend breaks things off out of the blue, Alyssa applies to hit reality TV show Deserted and to her shock she gets through. Abandoned on a remote island with a bunch of strangers and none of the luxuries she’s become accustomed to, it’s not long before an undeniable attraction to the mysterious Joshua starts complicating things even further.

Joshua's different to everyone she's ever known - a traveler, a man with no plan, a world away from the celebrity life she's left behind. As a series of challenges test their wits and weaknesses, things start heating up in paradise, but in a game designed to break people down, it soon becomes clear that Joshua is hiding a painful secret - one he won’t risk anyone finding out.

Struggling to know where she belongs, Alyssa will have to choose - a life she once loved that wants her back, or a brand new reality that heartbreakingly may just have its limits. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Changes to the Crazy Dream Blog...

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Howdy guys. If you're taking a look around my blog and wondering "What the hell?", then you've noticed a few changes. I've decided to segregate my review blog from my own work. So from here on out, you can find all the deets on my novels over at my Author Website. Book reviews will continue to be posted here.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Facing the Music by Andrea Laurence (ARC)

Facing the Music
Andrea Laurence
Exp. Pub.: September 15, 2014 TODAY!!!

Facing the MusicIn this sizzling and hilarious contemporary e-book romance, pop sensation Ivy Hudson returns to her small town to face her ex. Only trouble is, she made her Taylor-Swift-like career with the hit song “Size Matters”—and the football hero has had to live it down ever since.

Five years ago, high school sweethearts Ivy and Blake’s relationship imploded and both their lives were changed forever. Ivy became a rock star and Blake lost not only his dreams of a successful NFL career, but his reputation. Ivy’s angry song about their breakup, called “Size Matters,” hit the top of the charts and Blake became a national laughingstock. He’s salvaged his career and returned to Rosewood to be the high school football coach, regaining his status as town hero and leading the boys to the state championships.

When a tornado whips through town and destroys the high school gymnasium and stadium, a committee is formed to help rebuild and plan some charity fundraisers. Blake’s grandmother requests that Ivy return to Rosewood for the events. Forced back together for the good of their hometown and their careers, Ivy and Blake have no choice but to put aside their differences, stop running from their pasts, and finally face the music.

Ivy Hudson's song "Size Matters' had nothing to do with Blake's package size, but that didn't keep the world from thinking it so. Humiliated, poor Blake screwed up his Heisman moment and blew the big game, earning him a nice, cushy bench seat in the NFL. Didn't matter anyways, as a bad hit blew his knee out indefinitely. Now back in his home town heading up the football team, he was finally getting his life on track. Until Mother Nature was a bitch and took his field, and the town thought it'd be a great idea for the woman who made Blake a world-wide laughingstock to come home and help with a two week fundraiser to help rebuild. Bad part was, no one told either one of them they'd been paired to co-host the entire event, from riding in the parade to being the queen and king of a second-chance prom-themed dance. Love hurts. Especially the love of two people who had never completely given up on the other, but with humiliating betrayals on both fronts, who should have to suck it up and apologize first?

This is just your typical NA novel; quick and predictable with some definite cheese in the end. You've got your ridiculously successful, yet totally insecure, leading lady, the lover who broke her heart and the other woman who just can't seem to keep from playing interference. That said, I still really enjoyed it. I think most people will, provided they don't expect to be wowed or given anything truly original to read. There are definitely some funny moments, and the characters did keep me intrigued despite their predictable actions and emotions. It's a good, light read if that's what you're in the mood for. So go ahead, give it a go...
ARC provided by Pocket Star for honest review.

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