Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Excerpt #1 from FALLING IN BETWEEN

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Have you read Falling In Between yet? If not, I'm running a few excerpts this week for you to check out!

(and by Paranormal, I mean old school PN, not supernatural creatures)
(and by New Adult, I mean Mature YA...cause it gets pretty hawt at times! 17 & up guys!)

Jenna and Robert from chapter

    Ten minutes later we arrived at the river and Robert eyed me warily. “Am I supposed to think it’s coincidence that you just led me to the exact spot in the river that Jhett and I always come to?”

     I shrugged innocently and slipped a smile as I said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

     Robert brushed against my body as he slowly passed, momentarily pausing to lock eyes, murmuring ‘mmm-hmm’. He stretched his arm and held my hand until he finally stepped out of reach. He bent down by the water’s edge, picked up a few river stones and began skipping them.

     “You seemed to have no problem finding the pond,” I countered. Come to think of it, I never questioned his being there the night I drowned. The river was at least a half mile farther than the pond. How did he get there fast enough to help me?

     “Speaking of, how is it you and Jhett were close enough to help me that night?”

     He skipped his last stone and kneeled to collect a few more. “We were on our way to the river that night when we heard somebody holler. Not a bad holler or anything, but we could tell it was a girl, so we thought we’d check it out. I’d say about twenty seconds later Sophie was really screaming, so we took off running. We never knew about the pond. And when we got there, Sophie had just emerged from under the water all in a panic, screaming that you’d jumped in but never came back up. We dove in and kept diving until we found you. It was just blind luck that we were close enough to hear Sophie when you went under.”

     Man, I suddenly didn’t feel so stupid about chickening out the first two trips up the cliff. I bent down to pick up a few of the flat black stones myself and skipped the first one across the river. Of course it did more sinking than skipping. I twiddled a second, sliding the slippery surface easily between my fingers.

     “I guess I owe you big time then.” I threw the stone so I wouldn’t have to focus on him while I said it.

     “Don’t worry. I’ll find a way for you to make it up to me.”

     I didn’t need the moonlight to show me the twisted smile I knew he was flashing that very moment. “Wait a minute! You were following Sophie’s voice before you knew there was trouble. You were gonna spy on us!”

     He laughed. “What? We didn’t know who was out there or that you were swimming. Yeah, we were going to check it out and see what was going on. Sue us.”

     “We were half-naked!”

     “And that’s our fault? If you don’t want people to find you swimming in your panties, don’t cause a commotion.”

     I threw a stone into the water beside him, and like I hoped it splashed water his way, mainly splattering parts of his jeans. “You were so gonna hide out and watch us!”

     “Yeah, probably,” he admitted, and I launched a second stone. The water from this one went completely the wrong way. “In fact, you’d probably be the wallpaper on my phone right now because we would have definitely taken photos. And video.” I playfully screamed in anger and threw another stone even harder. That splash did a little better and hit his face. “Hey!” he yelled, sweeping the water off his forehead. He chucked a stone into the water beside me and drenched me even more than I got him with the three shots combined.

     Holy crap that’s cold!!!

     My camisole was saturated – like see every curved inch of my upper body saturated. And even though the weather hadn’t cooled enough to need a jacket yet, the chilly river water made me shiver big time. Though the water wasn’t the real reason I crossed my arms high around my chest.

     “Want to go trade out your shirt with Sophie’s?”

     That wasn’t a bad idea, but before I could contemplate the idea and decide if it would be funny or mean to do that to her, Robert came towards me, already pulling his t-shirt over his head. God, it was hard to divert my eyes from the firmly cut abs and pecks. I supposed his arms were well defined too but my gaze neglected to turn away from the eye candy it already found. Those shirts hid a lot more than I thought was going on under there.

     “Here,” he said, trying to hand me the shirt he held between us, cutting off that delicious line of site to his torso.

     “I can’t take the shirt off your back. What about you?”

     “Jenna, I’m a swimmer. I’ve spent half my life without clothes on. Now take your top off.”

     I think my jaw fell all the way to my feet.

     “Or I could turn around,” he amended slowly, tossing the shirt at me and rotating one hundred and eighty degrees with his hands up in the air.

     I didn’t argue. I was cold and wearing the type of bra that didn’t hide that fact – as the guys would say, my headlights were shining. But I was slow to actually switch the clothes out, too busy admiring the muscle definition Robert had going on across his backside. Sophie was right. We really needed to hit a few swim meets. Support the team, you know?

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