Thursday, May 17, 2012

Interview and Giveaway with J.A. Redmerski, Author of The Mayfair Moon

Howdy folks! Today I have the adorable J.A. Redmerski for the Writer's Block segment. So many crazy things....which to address. Hmm... Addicted to Starbucks (aren't we all?). :) Obsessed with Brothers Grimm fairytales. And as you can see below, is willing to go shopping in her work-out clothes! Let's take a few minutes to get to know this cool chic!


Tell us your favorite quote. “Love is a trick that Nature plays on us to get us to reproduce.” – Callisto – Xena Warrior Princess – I’m not against love or anything like that, I’ve always just been awed by that quote. Not to mention, Callisto was awesome!

Tell us your favorite author. Which book is your total fave from that author? I would have to say Neil Gaiman (though it’s so tough because Anne Rice is right up there, too!). Neil Gaiman is like the rock star of the literary world and he doesn’t limit himself to one genre. My favorite book by him would have to be Neverwhere.

If you could meet any dead person, who would you choose? Any particular reason why? Whoever *really* destroyed the Ancient Library of Alexandria in Egypt. I would ask that person why they did it and then tell them to point me in the direction of all the artifacts from it that they hid.

If the Earth suddenly became uninhabitable, would you rather live under the sea or in space? In space! I’m obsessed with the Universe. Besides, the thought of living in the ocean sort of terrifies me….

What was your most favorite pastime as a kid? Fishing and playing in the wooded creek at my grandparents’ house in Greer’s Ferry, Arkansas. I wish I could do that today, but since I live more than an hour from there, I have to settle for memories.

If you could live in any time period other than the present, which would you choose and why? A couple of years ago I would have answered any various time periods from the past, but these days I’m more fascinated with the future and space exploration. So, I guess my answer would be I’d love to live in the future, maybe even on another planet. Oh! And whatever ship I travel in MUST have a Holodeck!

What do you do when you experience that lovely problem called writer's block? I’m all about prevention. It’s easier to do the right things to prevent a horrible disease such as Writer’s Block, than it is to cure it. And the way I prevent it (most of the time) is by always stopping in the middle of a scene, even a sentence, and calling it a day. For me, this keeps my mind fresh and buzzing, because all I can think about is that scene. By the time the next day arrives and it’s time to start writing again, for obvious reasons it’s easy to just dive right in. But also, that time away from the manuscript is often great because more ideas about what’s going on in that scene tend to arise and a lot of times, I already have the next scene fully mapped out in my head.

If you could live anywhere in the world you'd like, where would that be and why? Sorrento, Italy. For my very first novel (one that is not published), I did a lot of research on Sorrento and fell in love with it. It’s absolutely beautiful and I kind of feel like I’ve lived there for a short time because I spent so much time reading about it.

What food/drink would absolutely devastate you if they stopped production on? Starbucks Venti Vanilla Iced Latte – Oh the horror! I don’t want to think of life without it! K

Which is your favorite fairytale? I like the Brothers Grimm fairytales. I’ve always been more attracted to the dark and weird stuff.

Which do you prefer: ebook, hardback or paperback? Definitely paperback, hands down. I have a Kindle and I’m not fond of it. Hardbacks can’t be held comfortably (yes, I bend the spines! I’m totally guilty!). I can’t imagine a world without physical books. It’s depressing to imagine, actually.

This or That

Underworld or Twilight - Underworld
Original or Remake - Original
Sweet or Salty - Salty
Drama or Comedy – Drama
Fantasy or Romance – Fantasy
Spring or Autumn – BOTH!
Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston – Michael Jackson
Walter Mathau or Jack Lemmon – Walter Mathau
Dirty Dancing or Footloose – Dirty Dancing (love that movie!)
American Idol or X-Factor or The Voice – Meh! I can’t stand shows like that.
Movie Theatre or Loveseat – Movie theatre for awesome stuff, loveseat for all the rest
Tea or Coffee – Tea
Rain or Sunshine – I love both
Skiing or Surfing  - Water skiing
Tree House or Man Cave - Tree house

Choose a challenge...if you dare!
Write a sentence using all these words: joker, fireball, backpack, sticker, hula hoop. The joker pulled a fireball from his backpack and whirled it around his body like a flaming hula hoop, all to win a stupid sticker.

Write a sentence using all these words: wolf pack, mirror, pop rocks, cuckoo clock, Edward Cullen, hairspray. Edward Cullen stared in the mirror eating pop rocks while the wolf pack snuck in through the back and stole his hairspray and cuckoo clock.

Write a sentence using all these words: love birds, Twizzlers, fireworks, Ferris wheel, turtle. The turtle met the love birds while standing in line for the Ferris wheel and he shared his Twizzlers with them as they watched the fireworks.

And now for the giveaway. But seriously, check out my review and pick up this book regardless. J.A. Redmerski is generously offering a paperback for US residents and an ebook copy (Kindle, Nook or pdf) for my international peeps. Just fill out the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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Amber Garcia said...

Mayfair Moon sounds like an awesome book! Cant wait to read sounds so exciting!

Unknown said...

I am US, and Love ebooks

Jessica Redmerski said...

Thanks so much for the Writer's Block opportunity, Devon! :-) Good luck to the entrants!

Unknown said...

Book sounds awesome!! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!!

VanillaOrchids said...

Great interview! I have a Kindle as well, but would rather have a physical book whether paperback or hardback. :)

Nancye said...

Sounds like a great book! I'd love to win the paperback version. Thanks for the giveaway!

nancyecdavus AT bellsouth DOT net

Margay Leah Justice said...

I'm from the US and would be okay with either version, but would like the paperback.

Dee M. said...

Great interview!! I'd totally love to have been a fly on the wall for any of your first dates. Poor guy...


I already grabbed the ebook for this one...its in the tbr pile, but would still love to win the paperback!!!

Christina Mercer said...

Looks like an awesome book! I am in the US and would love to win the ebook.

Anonymous said...

I am more a paperback person myself. This books seems mighty engaging. Thank you so much!