Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ordained Awarded 2012 Best Fantasy and Giveaway!

Reader Views - Reviews by Readers, for Readers 

Reader Views just announced their Literary Award Winners for the 2011 writing competition. What is Reader Views? An organization that lets readers like you and me read and review the novels and determine their fate in the competition. Ordained was awarded First Place in the Fantasy category and given the Blazing Award for Best Fantasy Novel. Not quite sure why the award sticker says 2012 but I'll roll with it. :) I'm pleasantly surprised by this cause I had accidentally submitted pre-edited copies with some lingering grammatical mistakes, but luckily they forgave those errors and scored Ordained on its creative story content! So THANK YOU to all the readers that participated and took the time to read my novel.

And I've been awarded a book trailer for Ordained valued at $550. Looking forward to seeing what the professionals can produce (cause I really suck at making book trailers and I'm so excited to let someone else do it!!!)

To celebrate I'm going to run a giveaway! Besides the rafflecopter below, you can also enter to win a copy at GoodReads!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


wyndwhisper said...

congratulations on the award and thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway. i love the cover, it's beautiful. i look forward to reading the book.

tammy ramey

druidgirl said...

Congrats on the award and thanks for the giveaway.

VanillaOrchids said...

That is fantastic news. Congratulations!
And thank you for this giveaway opportunity!