Saturday, January 18, 2014

READ AND REVIEW Available For All My Books!

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Did you know you could simply ask for a review copy of one of my books? If you have a blog, post reviews on GoodReads and other sites like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo, or have a facebook profile dedicated to books, you qualify for a an ebook. I do have a few rules though: 
  • You can only ask for one novel at a time. If you read the first in a series and like it, once you post your review, you're more than welcome to ask for the next, and so on and so on.
  • The more sites you can post your review on or link to your review, the more virtual huggzies I'll have you!
  • Please don't ask for a review copy unless you think your review turn-around-time is less than 6-8 weeks.
  • I know it's tempting, but please don't share the ebooks with anyone. If you have a blog, you're allowed to share with your fellow blog members, but please make sure they understand not to share outside your blog contributors. We indies work hard to bring you these stories and it only takes one person to illegally upload our books to unauthorized sites and pass them around for free. I promise you I'm not rich, nor do I make a lot of money off these books to begin with. I only charge $2.99 for full length novels and $1.25 for novellas, and the three platforms I sell from always take their cut for hosting it. Also, I have a way of identifying each novel as it goes out with something placed randomly within the novel itself, and should it go public, I'll know right away who it was initially gifted to, and I'll have to add you to the blacklist. :(
If you're good to go with the rules, scan the books below to see which you'd like to read and review first. To learn more about each of the novels, select the series title on the upper left hand side bar. Once you've chosen, head over to my official Request a Review Copy page to sign up!

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