Monday, August 19, 2013

Clear the Shelf Giveaway - Nearly Broken (INT)

So I've got eight copies of Nearly Broken that came from a dark print run. All that's wrong with the cover is that there are some words that are hard to read on the back (parts of the description and selected reviews). It's really not much, but I'm not the kind of person to use these on giveaways I've already run, where the reader didn't sign on for a semi-imperfect copy. So...you guys can score one of these for yourselves. Just so you know, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the inside, nor the cover itself, the colors are just a little dark. I actually went back in and changed the font colors when this happened, just so future orders won't have this issue, even if they do run it dark again. :)
Good luck!
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1 comment:

miki said...

Even with a little imperfection i would be delighted to win a copy so thank you for this opportunity