Thursday, August 13, 2009

Water Polo and Zombies? Hmm....

Okay, I actually had this dream a few weeks ago, but I just created this website the other night, so I'll tell it now.
Crazy me, I was living in a world divided by simple metal fences. On my side were the normal people. On the other side, half-normal zombie people that knew how to control their appetites. Yet there was still segregation.
I was the only one that freely moved between both worlds. This was because the zombies were not allowed to feed on me. Why? For some reason I cannot even begin to comprehend, I was romantically involved with a zombie that was like their holy man or something. Next thing I know, I've been impregnated by the SOB. And I've gotta tell you, I passed that baby faster than Bella and Edward in Breaking Dawn. Within minutes my little baby was a full size teenage girl. Eek!
At that point I started running, trying desperately to escape. I found myself on a bus out of town where I immediately became part of a fist and tumble fight with some chick. I pull back and realize it's Brenda Villa, my old water polo roomy from the Olympic Training Center when we were like 14 years old. We realize who we're smacking around and both get off the bus in 'normal' town. She goes her way and I wake up.

Someone tell me what the heck my mind was trying to tell me this night!
...gotta invest in a dream dictionary or something... 

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