Sunday, August 23, 2009


Alright, I've spent a good portion of my life experiencing déjà vu due to my dreams. This was particularly active when I was a child and sporadic now as an adult. I use to dream things that would happen the very next day. Now, the time frame's enlarged, but I always remember dreaming it when I see it in real life.

Unlike most people, I remember 95% of my dreams in great detail (obviously, this is a dream blog). Almost every night of my childhood I would dream something that would in fact happen the next day. And it wasn't simple things I would come to expect, like a particular individual flipping out over a pop test or a bully picking on one of the socially-neglected children. No, it was always something out of the ordinary. Something like my sister bringing home a parakeet one day because it attacked her on the head at swim practice one summer morning.

Most of my déjà vu moments are just snippets in time. I briefly end up freezing where I am because everything around me is suddenly familiar. Like someone saying the exact phrase I expected in the conversation at the same moment I expected a particular commercial to be airing on the television. Not too impressive, right? But what if the individual saying it is some stranger in the TV department at Best Buy that I actually recognize from my dream? It's like a freeze frame. Quite frankly, none of it ever means anything significant to me.

Only at one point in my life did I actually feel telepathic, with no previous warning from a dream. I was just sitting there and all of sudden I became completely overwhelmed with panic for someone I knew. Honestly, I didn't know this person that well. So it surprised me to feel this...and I disregarded it. After all, even if I was capable of some sort of telepathy, wouldn't I be closer to the person in question? I certainly have never had that happen for a family member. The next day I found out that the individual was in the ER and arrived about two hours before I experienced the sensation that they were dead. Sadly, this individual did end up passing away.

Call me clairvoyant, precog, ESP, whatever. Just don't bother asking me for the lottery numbers. I've waited a lifetime for those to pop up and they still haven't!

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