Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Caption Contest!!! (INT)

I thought I'd do something different and fun for the holidays, so I've decided to run a caption contest. This is a pic of my little guy a few years ago. Back then he was all smiles, so to get a pic of Mr. Grumpy Face here was quite a rarity. Come up with what I deem the best caption for this picture and you'll win a $25 gift card to either Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ETSY, or the Book Depository.
Original Caption:
"I'm now accepting applications for my new mommy," griped Riley.
  1. Be kind and respectful.
  2. Only the captions on the AUTHOR facebook post will count (post is pinned to the top of my page). Please do not leave your caption on my blog, goodreads page or my personal facebook page.
  3. Winning caption will be chosen by me (and possibly the hubby). Hint: We're partial to humor and sarcasm.
  4. Contest will end on my birthday, Monday December 16th.
  5. Contest is international. Winner can choose a gift card for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or ETSY; or I can order the winner their choosing through the Book Depository (please make sure they deliver to your country).
  6. If more than one person uses a caption and it becomes the winning caption, the first to use it wins.
  7. BONUS: In addition to your comment, if you share the facebook post and you win, I'll add an additional $10 to your gift card. (Sharing will in no way effect who wins this contest).
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