Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October Winners and November Giveaways

Who-hoo! November is one of my favorite months. The leaves are turning and falling, and it's the beginning of the Holiday Season, which is my absolute fave! For those of you interested, Falling Away is most definetly gonna be written by Thanksgiving like I had planned, and will soon be in the hands of my beta readers. Blog tour sign-ups will go up in December, so if you wanna participate and haven't read Falling In Between yet, pick up a copy and get to it! :)
Also, You can tell by the pic to the right that I had planned on participating in NaNoWriMo. Don't know how well that's gonna go over since I'll probably be doing mostly editing. But I do plan on working on Catacombs next, so maybe I'll get a little writing done afterall.

As for the rest of the year, things are gonna go a little slow here at the Crazy Dream blog. I'm moving cities at the end of the month so it pretty much cripples me to get anything done these last two months of the year. So bear with me if I'm a little late getting a post up (like this one!).

Anyways...here are last month's winners and November's giveaways. Also look at my header text to see which Writer's Block giveaways I've got going on.

Fangs: Levina G - she chose Black City
Fur: Judith-Pamela A - she chose Rift
Fey: Jessica J - she chose Dust

Grand Prize: Kelly F (signed copy & $25 Lush Gift Card)

Runner-up Prizes: Michelle L, Ashley AA, BK Walker, Candace S(ebooks)

ARC of the Scorpio Races: Theresa N. 

November's Giveaway: (US only): Actually, this month I'm going to be doing a Cleaning the ARC Shelf giveaway instead. You can learn more about it here. Due to shipping costs, it's still gonna just be for US mailing addresses.

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