Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Michelle Monique Photography Blog Tour Stop!

So I was approached to participate in another blog tour, and to my surprise, it wasn't for an author, but a photographer that also creates book covers for so many people. Awesome! We see these pictures all the time, comment on how pretty they are, but how many of us actually think of the artist behind the work? I have had people ask me in the past if my cover was done by a particular artist before, but I was kinda like, "Huh?"...cause I've done my own so far. But after seeing what she can do, I'm defininitely thinking of using Michelle in the future! Wanna see a few of her covers?
So what can I ask a photographer that's relevant to her work? Her inspirations? Her favorite genres to create? What made her put a camera into her hands in the beginning? All good questions, but what I chose was for her to share with us some of her favorite fellow photographers/cover artists. So here we go! 

1. DAVE HILL - Dave Hill has the most unique style I have ever seen. I aspire to be able to make compositions as elaborate and full of motion as his. Everything in his pictures came from a photograph and nothing was made digitally which is what I am trying to achieve with my art as well.

2. ALEXIA SINCLAIR - I love how she combines painting and photomanipulation. Her photos look so soft and surreal.
4. ELIZABETH MAY - really enjoy her romance pictures. I've never seen someone capture the essence of love as perfectly as her.  
6. WILL MERZLAK - His photos are the most emotive to me. The concept, color, light, model expression... everything is perfect. Even his photos of simple objects are so well done they feel nostalgic.
WOW! Some of those are absolutely gorgeous. Yeah, I'm a lover of the romantic pics. :) If you'd like to check out what Michelle can do, go to her Deviant Art site. And if you'd like to pick up on the rest of the tour to learn more about Michelle Monique and her work, check out the schedule below:
September 22nd - August 3rd
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26: Jessica Redmerski: '10 Weird Things' - www.jessicaredmerski.com
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29: Beverly Sharp: Artwork Feature/Bio - www.wormyhole.blogspot.com
30: Amy Fournier: www.booklovingme.com
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2: Kassondra Leigh: Musical Inspirations - http://www.kasonndraleigh.com
3: Urban Fantasies: Teenage Garage Sale - www.urbanfantasyinvestigations.blogspot.com/
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J.A. Redmerski said...

Whoa! The artists that inspire Michelle do stunning work! I guess I know now one reason why her work is so awesome. Great tour idea, Devon! :-)

KaSonndra Leigh said...

All of these are some pretty awesome images! Thanks for sharing. I'm heading over to Pinterest to add some of these now. LOL